Monday, 24 November 2014

Beautiful Bruges...

On the early hours of Saturday morning, I stumbled out of my bed at 4.45am, pulled on my clothes, gobbled down a quick bowl of cereal, grabbed my bag and headed out the door into the icey darkness to meet with 76 other ladies of all ages from our church. We were off to Bruges for the day!

Fabulous food, great company, historic architechture, incredible shop displays, cute market stalls and a general Christmassy feel - Bruges did not disappoint. I cannot give it justice in words, but perhaps the photos can...

... I will let them speak for themselves.

Needless to say, the £40 I spent to get there (I know, amazing, right?!) was worth every penny just for the discovery of Dille & Kamille, which is now my new favourite shop in the entire world (literally!) Sadly it cannot be found in the UK, but if I ever find myself in Belgium or Holland again, I will be looking them up. It was the most gorgeous shop I have ever been into, and I literally could have bought out their entire stock!

If you ever get the chance to visit this gorgeous city during the festive period, grab it with both hands... it truly was a fantastic day!

Stunning canals
Horse-drawn carriages everywhere!

On the river cruise
Yup - those tools are made of chocolate!
Token selfie!
Did you know there were this many kinds of marzipan?!
Market Square
No-one does chocolate shops like the Belgians!
Gorgeous step gables...
Belgian Waffles. Enough said.
My new favourite shop...
Goodbye gorgeous Bruges... I hope I'll be back one day!
We made it back in one piece by 9.30pm - exhausted, tired, but very happy... and having a day away from my little family made me so glad to be back with them again. Sometimes when you take a step out for a day, you realise just how blessed you are.

Now on with another busy week!


  1. Gosh you did have a busy day, I have done France in a day before but never any further. Bruge looks gorgeous, and it reminds me a little of Amsterdam with it's canals. I would really like to visit one day. x

  2. We went to Bruges for the day when Meg was little and absolutely loved it, I'd love to go back if only for the waffles! Looks like you had an amazing day...can't believe it only cost you £40!

  3. wow what a wonderful day - I'm still amazed you can get there and back in a day! it looks like it was a lot of fun and lovely to get a little break from being Mummy!


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