Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Me and Mine: December: Our Me and Mine Year

So here we are... to complete the set... here is our December Me and Mine! Our standard Christmas Day Family shot... taken by none other than my fab brother!

Christmas Day was perfect... the girls were delighted and it was the first year Ava was really able to engage with it all, it was also the first year all four of us ate Christmas dinner together. Heidi held out for her nap and rolled exhausted into her cot before pudding, but it was lovely to all be together with the wider family.

Of course, there were a few outtakes... but outtakes that I treasure almost as much as the real thing...

Because these photos make me smile - they really capture the reality of what #MeandMine has been for us this year... a fun project that we have had a giggle taking part in, and not taken too seriously...

But to be honest, I'm so proud we've made it to one year... I'm usually absolutely hopeless at following through on projects like this, so I'm so thrilled to actually have a photo of our little foursome for every month of 2014.

It's so fascinating to look back over these photographs from this year and realise how much we have changed. Dave and I may have lost a few hairs/grown a few greys, I may have lost my baby weight, only to start putting it back on again with our latest family member. Ava has transformed from a toddler to a little girl with a personality that at times drives me mad, but for the most part makes me so honoured to be her Mama, and Heidi has changed from baby to toddling, talking, cheeky little nutcase that she is.

So here you have it... drumroll please!

Our #MeandMine 2014.

HUGE thanks to Lucy at Dear Beautiful and the rest of the gang for running this fabulous linky. It has been so much fun, and such a positive goal every month, and I really feel so chuffed to have this little record of our family this past year.

Bring on #MeandMine 2015!!













dear beautiful


  1. It's amazing how alike the girls have become over the past year isn't it! You have a lovely set of family photos and it's going to be really exciting watching your family expand next year - Happy 2015!!

  2. beautiful ♡

  3. This is so lovely, am definitely going to join in for the next 12 months.

  4. Beautiful familyphoto!

  5. Maybe I need to push myself to do this next year - so lovely to have so many family photos x

  6. I have loved following this link thank you

  7. Awwwwww, LOVE IT!!! It's always so lovely to read how proud people are of their collection of Me and Mine photos, it makes me feel so proud too. Its so lovely seeing all your photos from through the year together and seeing how the girls have changed, and December's photo is a lovely one too to top it off. I'm hoping we'll have you back next year too....? With a new member in tow later in the year. x

  8. Beautiful photos and love your girls' matching outfits and Ava's expressions in the outtakes. What lovely photos to look back on over the year. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2015 x

  9. A gorgeous set of photos Claire, I have loved looking at every one this year. And just to think there will be a new member next year too! ;) I love their matching dresses in your December photo- just gorgeous. xx

  10. Such a lovely photo. And the outakes are great too! Well done on completing the whole set - it's a fantastic collection. I've failed both this year and last to keep up... But maybe next year!


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