Thursday 26 February 2015

My little Washerwoman...

We are revelling in the little glimpses of springtime... getting out in the sunshine, savouring the scent of the first fresh flowers and listening on the school run for the sound of those songbirds making their presence known.

Our return home from nursery at lunchtimes has taken a change too. The children are no longer eager to burst into the house, to warm their icy hands and devour a warm lunch... instead, they are rushing straight out to the garden to their happy little Huette to busy themselves with cups of tea, picnics and sweeping the doorstep!

And this week, a new activity kept my little ladies busy. It seems spring cleaning has hit even the smallest ones!

After all, dollies need their clothes washed too!

And so an afternoon was spent working hard washing all the dollies clothes in their little sink (the old fashioned hand-washed way, with invisible water... I know, the best Mamas would've let their kids loose with real water, but I'm too much of a neat freak for that!)

And then, once they were washed, the clothes were all hung out on the line to dry! As I said... we are making the most of the glimpses of spring sunshine!

Of course, little sister was keen to help out too, although she was very clear that her own "Tilly" did not want her clothes washed. She was more than happy to help Ava out with her babies though.

Then, like any productive housewife, she stood back to admire her handiwork...

I thought that was the end of it as I promptly packed the girls off to their nap time/quiet time, and was surprised when my eager big girl appeared an hour later ready to head straight back out to the garden.

After all, you can't leave your clothes hanging on the line all day!

The clothes were taken in, ironed, and folded and laid to one side, ready for babies to be re-dressed!

Note our makeshift iron... sometimes Mama's desire for creative perfection is usurped by a need for speed. No pretty little iron for this girl... a butter lid, a yoghurt pot and a little sellotape was enough for my little lady. You don't have to be creative if your little one has a good imagination!

As she busied away all afternoon, it struck me that my little lady means it when she tells me "when I grow up I just want to be a Mama"... that may not always be the case, but while it is, I'm proud of this little girl and her joy in something I find so menial. I work so hard to teach my girls to delight in the ordinary.

Yesterday I realised she was teaching me.

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  1. Wilma @Little_Green_Tree26 February 2015 at 19:28

    This is lovely! Isn't it funny how kids find the things we dread so interesting??!

  2. Ava looks more and more like you every post I see! Beautiful girls x

  3. Lovely! I really want to build my kids a little kitchen and homey stuff, they love playing at cooks and I know at school they love to play with the washing line.

    Reading this made me excited for better weather and more days playing out x

  4. This is too cute! I can see my girls doing this when warmer! xx

  5. This is adorable Claire! I love how the simplest things can be the nicest fun. x

  6. How beautiful. Yes, they teach us, it's so true. Beautiful post. I think your makeshift iron is very creative. I'd have just left them imagining. #ordinarymoments


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