Friday, 27 February 2015

Wedding Weekend...

After our whirlwind trip to Norway, we spent a brief day recovering on Friday before packing the children off to their Grandparents while we headed north for our friends' wedding. We don't leave the children overnight often... I think this was only the third time ever... so it definitely felt like a bit of a treat!

The wedding was stunning... every detail had been though of... so many special little touches... and just being in February gave the whole day a really unique feel.

And of course, I travelled with my trusty camera, and couldn't resist snapping some special moments and little touches... photographers are there to capture the big moments... the official photographs. But I remember well from our own wedding, how much I also appreciated the stolen moments that some of our amateur photographer friends caught.

Its something I try and remember when I'm privileged to be invited to someone's special day.

The drinks were possibly the coolest beverage I've ever laid eyes upon...

And the food? The food was divine! A February wedding meant nothing could taste better than some classic English pie... served up by a "Piemaster" who had been designated on each table!

Matt... you did a stellar job!

It was lovely to spend the day with uni friends we haven't seen in a long time, and just to share the joy of two lovely people starting out on this very exciting adventure of marriage. We thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to enjoy every second of the day, without having to have our eyes darting left and right to spot a rogue toddler, and I enjoyed being able to fully engage in conversations without someone tugging on my skirt!

The only slight dampener on the day was that it was clear by the end of the evening that Dave was coming down with something. I'm only thankful that he managed to last the night! Poor guy has been bed-bound since Sunday afternoon with some hideous head and throat, gland bug that's hit him hard. We were so grateful that somehow the bug stayed at bay until after our wedding weekend away!

It was a relaxed, fun, special weekend away... and we wish Andy and Christina all the very, very best as they start their new life together!


  1. Beautiful ideas. Very unique indeed. x

  2. it looks like great fun and that last picture is the most beautiful, one for them to treasure. Mich x


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