Friday, 24 April 2015

Cousin Love. Big Decisions, Blue Skies and Happy Days: Little Loves Week 17

It's been a lovely little week... we had Dave's Mum over visiting from Norway, and so were a little more out and about than normal. But I think my favourite days she was here were the days picnic-ing in the garden with the paddling pool and a nice cold drink. I am a home-bird at the end of the day!

She headed back on Tuesday, and since then, we've been adjusting back to just being our little threesome again. With less than 6 weeks to go until D-day, we're making the most of these happy sunny hours before life gets a little crazy again. Amazing how such a little person can throw all your routines to the wind!

Anyway, here's our little week in a nutshell!


Blogs... I've finally started using"Bloglovin" and I'm loving having all my favourites gathered in one place. The only problem is, I'm therefore not doing so well on my book front, and with only a week to go until the next #atozautors update, I'm planning on getting my nose stuck back into a real book this week... eeek! Here were some of my favourite posts from this week...

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One of the advantages of having Bestemor to stay is that little girls get to hang out with their little cousin a bit more than normal. I have loved watching them with this little man. They adore him... Heidi sometimes a little too much... but its exciting to see how sweet they are with him, and look forward to their own new little sibling arriving soon enough!

I've been listening to some Rend Collective this week. Just the perfect, background, chill out music. Not intrusive at all, but just makes you feel relaxed. I've been listening to their "Campfire" album which is really acoustic and chilled... been particularly loving this song...


Decisions. After all the heartache of last week and our School placement, we have decided not to appeal. We went on a bit of a journey over the weekend, and I now have complete peace about going ahead with our fourth choice... I'd even go so far as to say I'm a little bit excited about it! We've been talking openly with Ava about her new school (though obviously haven't drawn any attention to the fact that all her little friends are staying at her old school) and I'm thankful that she's young enough to not ask too many questions. She'll be fine... and we're trusting God with it all... he is faithful and he has a plan and a purpose in this, hard as it will be to leave all our lovely friends.


Oh! What does it matter what I wore?! I haven't seen my feet for weeks now, so really, as long as I'm dressed in something that covers me and my ever-expanding bump up, that's an achievement in itself. I won't deny I am SO excited about being able to get back into normal clothes again... I know it will be a while yet though!


I saw this little quote engraved into a park bench when we were out on one of our adventures with Bestemor last week and I just wholeheartedly agreed with it... except that I would change the word "and" to "make"... don't you think blue skies just DO make happy days? Whatever is going on in life... the joys, the heartaches, the frustrations... blue skies do just somehow make it all much more bearable.

Who's with me?!



  1. Glad you're feeling better about the school place. We're a year away yet but already nervous and excited! Love the picture of all the cousins, cute! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. That picture of the girls with their cousin is just so gorgeous! :) Definitely one to frame for sure! I'm so glad that you've got a bit of peace about the whole school thing Claire. It isn't easy, but your little Ava will thrive wherever she goes. Some other little girl is waiting in that school for a friend just like her! And just six weeks to go? Really? Goodness, hasn't that flown! (Easy for me to say, eh?!) have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. I think a few of us have mentioned Lucy's post in our littleloves, is such exciting news isn't it?
    Bloglovin is great, though I'm so behind on my blog reading at the mo need to hop on over there and do a bit of a catch up.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. I'm so glad you've managed to find peace with your school allocation; I'm sure she'll do brilliantly wherever she is with all your love a support.
    And thank-you so much for mentioning my post lovely! x

  5. Thank you so much for including my little post Claire, I'm glad you enjoyed it (and scoring so highly considering!). Look at your girls with their baby cousin - such a special relationship :) Well done on your wonderful attitude to Ava's schooling. x x

  6. I'm definitely with you on blue skies make happy days! And I love the picture of the girls with their cousin, they are going to be the best big sisters - being a little enthusiastic with the cuddling is par for the course! And thank you for the mention - I'm hugely flattered, bless you x

  7. How lovely to have family around :) I need to get on with my #atozauthors reading too, I think I'll only do one book this month..oh dear. Six weeks to go, exciting! Hope you're having a good weekend xx

  8. Well done on finding peace with your school place. Not easy. I admire you. Great #littleloves x


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