Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The One O'Clock Miracle

One of the perks of writing a blog, is that occasionally you land a little opportunity to review an absolute gem of a book.

This was one of those times.

Of all the books we've ever reviewed, I think this is one of my favourites. It's a creative re-telling of Jesus' healing of the little boy in John 4:46-54 and has throughout it the running refrain...

"He walked and walked - and sometimes ran - because he wanted to see Jesus"

Packed full of gorgeous illustrations, Mitchell and Echeverri have worked hard to paint the story vividly, while keeping faithful to the "true story about trusting the words of Jesus." They have thought carefully about how to portray the key truths of the story to small children, and both the girls sat and listened intently and pointed out things they noticed along the way (this is a big deal for Heidi... at two, keeping her attention for a whole story is an achievement!) I'm pretty sure this book will be one we pull out again and again... and again!

The book is the latest in The Good Book Company's "Tales that Tell the Truth" series and is definitely my favourite. At the end, the book shows where the story can be found in the Bible, and explains that Jesus' miracles were signposts to point to who Jesus is in a clear, concise and compelling way.

You can buy a copy of "The One O'Clock Miracle" directly from The Good Book Company website for the currently discounted price of £7.64, and it would make a fabulous gift for any 2-6-year-olds you know!!

In the meantime, I think I'll go read it with my girlies again...

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of "The One O'Clock Miracle" for the purposes of this review. We received no further incentive and all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I have read it with the girls a couple of times, it's a lovely book :-)

  2. Er denne boka på norsk?

  3. Oh that sounds like a fantastic book, definitely right up my street - I find that so many Christian children's Books are really badly written, as if the faith content should be enough! This sounds like a real treasure :)


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