Monday, 18 May 2015

Hipp, hipp , hurra for 17.Mai!

Yesterday was Norwegian National Day...

We don't have all out national costumes for the girls yet (maybe one day!), but we went all out in every other sense of the phrase. An opportunity to celebrate all things Norwegian, for the girls to recognise their heritage, and just a good opportunity for a feast!

We decorated the house earlier this week... Our wooden flag bunting came out, everything in red, white and blue! Ava helped me lay the table on the morning, making little flags for her little half-Swedish friends, searching out red, white and blue buttons from my button box, and writing all the place tags. I love the fact that she shares this passion of mine... Making things pretty, caring about the finishing touches, and coming up with ideas for how to make it the perfect setting for a celebration. It makes it so much more fun to have a little partner in crime! Although I did put a stop to her colouring her Norwegian flags pink... I thought that was a little too much creative license!

After a great morning at church, we were joined by our Swedish/Yorkshire friends to celebrate! OK... They may not be Norwegian, but the Scandinavians have got to stick together for occasions like these, right?

We tucked into meatballs, new potatoes in butter and chives, and peas... I think it's fair to say every plate was demolished! (Yes I know... Two-and-a-half weeks from D-day and I am now officially enormous!)

The lovely Emelie came with her own little surprise for us... I had planned Norwegian waffles for pudding, so these Norwegian flag fruit kebabs were the perfect accompaniment! How cute is that?

We had a fabulous afternoon... The children played so beautifully in the garden together ("Three little pigs", rolling around in the tunnel and the duplo seemed to be the highlights), giving us adults space just to catch up, chat and enjoy each others company. I realised afterwards how rare that had felt... The opportunity to really spend time with friends is tough with little ones hanging around, but our four littles just seem to click, and our uninterrupted conversation was accompanied by the soundtrack of children's chatter and infectious toddler giggles.

It made me thankful again for the gift of friendship. We are going through some big changes at the moment... A lot of dear friends are moving on, and that can feel scary and sad. But yesterday afternoon was a reminder of what good friends we still do have here, and to trust God that he always provides. He has a plan and a purpose in everything!

We spent the whole afternoon together, and were shocked to discover how quickly it had flown by! By five o'clock we had two exhausted little ladies... Ready to unwind after a fun-filled day with friends and feasts and general merriment! They were shattered, but happy, and were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow!

The perfect end to 17. Mai!

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  1. I am amazed how wonderful you made out the Norwegian National Day with your family and friends! 😀

  2. It looks like such a lovely day Claire, and you look fantastic!! All glowy and lovely! How sweet that Ava gets so involved in your planning too. My girls are just the same :) xx

  3. You look lovely Claire x

  4. That's lovely, Claire!
    "Kempe flott!"

  5. Oh what a wonderful way to celebrate! It looks like such fun for everyone and you're not enormous just looking lovely:)

  6. What a fantastic day you all had! So lovely that you themed the whole celebration too — brilliant! #ShareWithMe

    Caro |

  7. Amazing! Looks like a fun day =) #sharewithme

  8. This is amazing!!! What a huge effort made for this celebration. I love the fruit kebabs. You look beautiful with your bump. Thanks for sharing. #sharewithme

  9. Aw it's lovely to see you celebrate something so important to you and your family Claire. Happy Norwegian Day! x

  10. Ahhh looks amazing. What a great way to celebrate. So much fun and that flag looks great. So creative. Happy Norwegian Day. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again tomorrow. #sharewithme


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