Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pretty Parcels and Homemade Loveliness!

On Monday, we had two very excited little girls as a result of two very exciting little deliveries!

I am so fortunate to have some amazingly creative friends... Friends who have inundated us with gorgeous homemade delights in the past (check out some of the cute little presents Heidi received upon her arrival into the world!) and friends who continue to amaze me with their ability to create the most gorgeous gifts for these girlies of mine.

The first parcel was from my lovely friend Catrin in Austria. I often talk about how my time in Austria was pretty instrumental in getting my creative juices flowing again, and Catrin, and another friend, were totally (and are still) some of my biggest inspirations. Catrin has a gorgeous blog that is totally worth checking out and she's actually blogged about these gorgeous little gifts for my girls right here (if you don't understand German, just go over to check out her gorgeous photographs!)

Catrin made the girls these gorgeous little book bags. Beautiful, sturdy and totally up every little girls' street. The girls have been carrying them around everywhere... and best of all, they have their names on them! What's not to love?!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, later that day, Heidi received a rather belated birthday present from her little friend Noah. Noah's Mama Emelie is one of the most creatively talented people I know and is always overflowing with fabulous ideas! These little felt strawberries are for the girls' little Huette in the garden, and they are utterly gorgeous!

I just love the detail, and Heidi has already had great fun counting them, sorting them and "eating" them!

Seriously, I am in awe of these two fabulous friends of mine! And feel very fortunate to be the recipient of such creative loveliness! Our girls don't know how lucky they are!

And as if that wasn't enough, one more parcel arrived the very next morning...

...but we'll save the contents of that one for another time!


  1. Oh what lovely handmade treats! You do have some wonderfully talented friends, and while I'm curious about the Norwegian parcel I'm mostly just thinking "heart shaped waffle stamps!!! Why don't we have those?!" Has a cream tea ever featured on a British stamp?

  2. Fantastic idea and so lovely x


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