Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Siblings {July} - Let the Summer Commence!

With this post begins our summer... a long six weeks of adventures and travels and being together stretches before us... no school runs, no clubs and activities... just a big wide world to explore...

And some serious Sibling time!

We are adjusting well... Tomorrow, Jonas will turn one month old, and the girls are loving life with a little brother. They are totally besotted with him, but also starting to realise there isn't a lot he can do right now, so actually playing with each other is still for the most part more interesting. This month has seen a slight change in the dynamic. Heidi is growing up, developing her own interests and having a lot more opinions about what she likes and doesn't like, and Ava, who has spent the past two years doting over her baby sister and pretty much letting Heidi have her way, has realised that the baby is no longer a baby, and actually she would quite like her way sometimes too...

The result? A little more action on the bickering front.

It's new territory for us, so the summer months will be a good opportunity for a little "home training"... a little learning of some life lessons. I am glad for the space and freedom that the summer offers to home in on these kind of issues. The busyness of daily life sometimes makes it harder to follow through consistently, to have the time to think creatively about how to teach the girls certain life skills. This summer looms large, and kindness and sharing are top of my list! Of course, selfishness is a characteristic that the girls will spend their lives battling (don't we all?)... I'm not naive to that... but I'm hoping the summer will offer the opportunity for a little teaching and training in that department...

Ava (3 years, 10 months) is loving...
* Talking about her new school and all the exciting things she's going to do next year
* Colouring in - seriously, she'd do it all day if she could
* Starting to read - CVC words are where its at!
* Planning her holiday to Cornwall
* Helping Mama with Baby Jonas

Heidi (2 years, 4 months) is loving
* Cuddles and kisses with Baby Jonas
* Marching up and down the garden, pushing her buggy laden down with "shopping bags"
* Princess Sofia
* Her dolly "changing bag" -Tilly dolly gets her nappy changed a few hundred times an hour
* Singing... this girl is ALWAYS singing...

Jonas (1 month) is loving
* Milk
* Sleep
* Starting to smile
* Mama
* More milk

So that's where we're at! I'm looking forward to a summer of having these little siblings together and sharing lots of family adventures... watch out for our next "Siblings"... it will probably be fjordside in Norway!

So there you have it... our little Siblings in July...

dear beautiful


  1. Wonderful siblings and loving parents and we as grandparents are very blessed!😀

  2. We haven't started school holidays yet. I'm so excited for them. I think I'll be pulling my hair out by the end of it though!

  3. These are lovely pictures, the first two are just adorable. Hope your summer goes well!

  4. What beautiful pictures! The lists are wonderful. I am also looking forward to the carefree, laid back days of Summer but yes, I'm getting myself prepared for some bickering :) Five girls in one house practically guarantees some bickering :)

  5. Beautiful photos of your little trio - your girls look like they adore their little brother. Good luck with helping encourage more kindness and sharing over the summer and hope you have a good one :-) #siblings

  6. Ah bless you Claire, it's a tricky transition for all of you. I do think that the eldest SUDDENLY grows up when there's a new baby. I didn't register that she is actually only 3 years and 10 months! Bless her little heart, getting ready to go to school. She seems so much more grown up than that. I think when there's a new addition to the crew, there's some natural shifting and adjusting that goes on. This summer might not be all that easy for you but it's important for your family. Best of luck. x x

  7. Adorable pictures. Head kissing seems to be how little children express their love for baby siblings: my older boy does this a lot too x

  8. Such gorgeous pictures of the girls with their little brother, beautiful. You can see that they adore him x #siblings

  9. Aw so lovely and congratulations on your gorgeous little man. Must be interesting seeing the dynamic changing from 2-3 and I'm sure there are many changes ahead too! Xx

  10. Oh it's so lovely to see the dynamic changing and settling down into your new wonderful normal, and I love the photos, the girls so clearly dote on their baby!

  11. Settling in well :) Lovely to see them all enjoying one another. x

  12. Ah they all look besotted with one another x


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