Friday, 11 December 2015

A Sad Day...

Yesterday felt like a sad day... I waved goodbye to my Canon DSLR and sent it off to camera hospital. It has not been well for a little while now, and it seems to be giving up on camera life.

I'm feeling a little lost.

When Dave bought me my camera four years ago... I remember feeling the weight of that decision. It felt like an awful lot of money to spend on a hobby that might turn out to be a passing fad.

It hasn't been.

I love taking photographs... our hard drive can testify to that. There is so much joy in capturing a moment and pushing the pause button on a memory forever. I have no regrets about the reams of photographs that document our children's lives. I have tried to be harsh... I have edited and deleted as I have gone along, but I'm not going to lie... there are a few thousand of them... and I suspect there will be a few thousand more still to come.

My camera and I have definitely been on a journey. I remember it sat on automatic mode for the first few weeks... the only guaranteed way to get a good picture. I then gradually began to play around with the settings, and talked to people, and read up. And I don't think I've used a flash since.

I will miss my camera dreadfully this Christmas... of all the times for it to give up, this was not it! But its probably a good opportunity for me to take a break from photography and savour up these special moments without feeling the need to reach for my little friend!

Don't worry, I shall be "borrowing" my Dad's for the purposes of the big events (he doesn't know that yet... he's currently on a business trip! Ha!) So I won't miss out on any of the photo projects I take part in... and I have a few posts with lovely last pictures taken by my beloved camera already scheduled, so the blog will not suffer!

But oh! I do hope you come back soon little Canon (and please don't cost me tooooo much money!)

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  1. I do understand you will miss your camera!!!


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