Saturday, 15 July 2017

Baby Tales // Three Months!

Dear Elias...

Three months old today! A quarter of a year... how are we there already?? Three months has always signaled the end of the newborn phase for me, and yet this time, you still feel quite little. I'm going to revel in your newborn-ness just a little longer. Your little head still wobbles on top of your shoulders as your little neck holds it high, your smiles still require a little work, and your giggle has yet to surface (though we've been SO close!) but there have been some significant milestones this month - the major one being you actually slept through the night one night (I must stress one night, we are now back to waking once, but honestly after the shenanigans of the hot weather and two-hourly wake up calls, I'll take that!)

You are SO much more alert these days... one of the things I noticed about you being prem was how much more sleepy you were than the others... its only really now, three months in, that you are having any significant wake time at all, and your siblings are loving it. Lots more opportunities for cuddles and snuggles on the sofa, lots more time to amuse you as you lie on your play mat, lots more cooing and smiles all round.

You are a happy little chappy for the most part, though you are not a fan of being cradled, but would much rather be upright, looking over my shoulder and taking the world in! Just like your biggest sister was as a baby... Mr Independent!

You passed your neo-natal review with flying colours this month, and that signalled the end of your special care as a premie. They are now happy to let you be solely under the care of your Mama and the Health Visitors, and that is wonderful! What a milestone! We are so thrilled with all the wonderful progress you have made, and you are starting to develop leg rolls and neck rolls and little chubby cheeks which bring me so much joy!

We love you little Elias - so very, very much!

Mama xxx

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