Friday 14 July 2017

The Web of Dynamics // Siblings in July

And suddenly we're half way through another month... and it feels like this is the month we finally found our feet, got our rhythm back. Life with four little people feels so normal now. People keep asking me how its going, and honestly, this has been the easiest transition so far... I don't know if its because we already had a lot of children, or if its because everything was so abnormal before Elias' arrival that our returned felt normal, but whichever it is, its felt fairly seamless, and for that I'm truly grateful.

The dynamics of four are fascinating to watch... there's the obvious girl and boy split. Our girls have always been the best of friends, and nothing's changed there. Whether they're performing their latest show, sorting through their lego cards, or playing make-believe, they are still a total double act. Jonas loves his baby brother in the way only big brothers can, heavy-handed and rough and tumble one moment, and the gentlest old soul the next. He plasters kisses on his head and piles him high with footballs, and I think that's his way of telling him they're best buds.

Then there's the odds and evens dynamic... Ava and Jonas are our odds (number 1 & number 3) and often found together - he adores her, she totally mothers him. They are usually found in fits of giggles over something or other, and he'll often be found with his little white-blond head on her shoulder. She'll sometimes get annoyed with him if he ruins something she's doing, but its rare, and for the most part they live in a little harmonious world of mutual adoration.

Then there's our evens... Heidi is utterly besotted. She potters around helping whenever she can and will hold her baby brother for as long as possible. She has become mini-Mama to Elias, and he happily rewards her attentions with smiles and coos. His arrival has brought out a different side to our Heidi and its so lovely to see.

Then there's the middles and bookends. Ava and Elias are our bookends... our biggest and littlest and live up to those roles. She nurtures and mothers and takes care and he looks up at her with big blue eyes and follows her every move.

And our middles? Well they are the classic sibling relationship. Heidi and Jonas bicker like two old biddies... they know exactly how to press each others buttons. But they are fiercely protective of each other, and if anyone tries to cross the other, they are as tight as they get. They spend hours in the garden having adventures and will either be having the time of their lives, or pulling each others hair, but they do love each other and I hope they'll always have each others backs like they do now.

This little four, with all their web of relationships, but my favourite dynamic by far is when they're all together. My little crew, five years from oldest to youngest. I hope they grow up being the best of friends. I guess that's every Mama's dream, isn't it?

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  1. They're adorable, and reading your post makes me seriously broody for another (note to self: must buy house first!!). I love that first shot, especially Jonas' extra 'baby' on the end - that's definitely one to go on the wall!

  2. Hoping having a little Baby will bring out a gentle side to Evie!!

  3. I wish I had more than two sometimes, the dynamics of families interest me, I loved reading this! Hopefully they'll stay close as they grow up!


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