Tuesday 11 July 2017

Little Girl Spree // Waving Goodbye to my Baby Girl Days...

After having a loft conversion done last summer, it was always the plan to pass on our baby clothes once our latest little bundle of joy arrived. We have always had surprises, so I held onto those precious boxes of baby boy and baby girl clothes until Elias was born. His arrival signalled the end of our baby girl days, and I felt a little heartbroken at the prospect of getting rid of all those gorgeous little outfits that held so many memories for me.

And so an idea was born!

What would help lessen the blow of handing away all my girl's outfits? Seeing them on other important little ladies in my life, and so I decided to create a little pop-up shop one morning, and invite all my girlfriends with little ladies to come for a morning of cake, coffee, chat and clothes-shopping, all for free!

It was such a fun morning. I had arranged all the little outfits in age areas, and set it up just like a little shop. When people began trickling in, they were allowed to browse, but no-one was allowed to take until everyone was there!

And then the fun began!

It was so fun to see people loving on the little outfits that held so many special memories for me, and it helped me not to feel too emotional about my growing girls, knowing that these gorgeous little people would soon be running around in their little clothes!

And the bigger girls had fun socialising while their Mama's shopped away!

And while the girls shopped til they dropped, here's what the boys had to say about it...

No doubt a sign of the times to come!


  1. This is such a lovely idea Claire. I wish I had done something similar! Fantastic way to bless people and to let go of the beautiful outfits you had :)

  2. Very grateful for the clothes and looking forward to dressing up our new little baby girl x

  3. A lovely way of moving on your lovely little girly clothes x

  4. We should all be doing this Clare... my house is full of things we don't need ... well done x


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