Thursday, 21 December 2017

Childhood Memories and Pretty Pomanders

There is something about this time of year that seems to lend itself to nostalgia. In a world which is fast-paced and action packed, there does seem to be a desire for tradition as Christmas draws near. Perhaps its the fact that for so many of us, Christmas is so interlinked with our own family heritage - the quirks and intricacies of our Advent experiences growing up. For me, my growing up Christmases are littered with memories  of stand up cardboard stable scenes, the same three Christmas records (anyone remember records?!) that re-appeared every December, the arguments over who's turn it was to put the fairy on top of the Christmas tree, that butterfly in stomach feeling on Christmas morning when you crept downstairs to see if Santa had been...

And orange and clove pomanders.

The scent alone brings all the memories flooding back...

That simple repetition of pushing cloves, one by one, through the outer skin of that orange... and the smell of Christmas.

And so I decided it was high time I introduced this little tradition to my own kiddos. so that just like it is for me, the scent of orange and clove pomanders will bring all those memories flooding back.

It's a simple, yet effective task, and we found satsumas (not-easy peel ones) the best for the job, with a skin firm and thick enough to hold the cloves in place, yet thin enough for even two-year-old hands to manage.

We had crosses, and faces, patterns and polka dots... Whatever you want!

And honestly?! The smell is just incredible! It is such a simple, effective little craft!

Orange and Clove Pomanders
> One jar cloves
> Bag of satsumas (not easy peel\0
> String
> Tags

And then we packaged them up... with little labels and string to hang them.. Precious little homemade gifts from our littles to their loved ones.

What are your childhood memories of Christmas? Any traditions that bring all those special moments flooding back?

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