Tuesday, 22 April 2008

TGS - a "Thank God Situation"

As I've been reflecting on my last 7 months as a church Apprentice, I realised that one of the hugest blessings this year has been my weekly trip down memory lane. As Monday lunchtime approaches I return to the school in which I spent 7 years learning everything I know (well, almost!) It’s the same school, the same teachers, the same smell, but a different bunch of people. The people I have the privilege of hanging out with on Monday lunchtimes are a small group of about 20 enthusiastic young Christians at Tolworth Girls School - eager to share their faith with their friends!

Amidst Haribo and doughnuts we’ve been looking at some tough questions, talking about evangelism, praying together, looking at the Bible – and I think we’re all agreed that the highlight of the year so far has been the one week of mission we did back in March. Every day we crammed between 40 and 60 girls into Room 23 where they heard Gospel presentations on three consecutive days followed by the grand finale “Grill a Christian” question panel… it was a pleasure and a privilege to serve with these young Christians, to watch them excitedly bringing friends along to hear the Gospel, to see the hours they were prepared to get up at to plaster the school in posters, the array of puddings they made for the pudding party and the sheer enthusiasm for bringing the good news of Jesus to their school.

Please continue to pray for the crew at TGS – representing about 6 different churches across the area it’s great for them to be united by a desire to grow in their relationship with God and share him with those around them. Pray for them that they will be a light in that school as they try and work out what living for Jesus in a sometimes hostile, and sometimes indifferent environment looks like.

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