Wednesday, 15 February 2012


What was the biggest, most influential period of your life?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Was there one event, or a series of events, which seriously changed you as a person? Changed your perspective? Challenged your thinking? Turned your circumstances upside down?

In thinking about identity this week, I was thinking about this question. Certain events and circumstances in my life have definitely shaped who I am... the moment I gave my life to Jesus, the year I lived in Austria, the day I married Dave, the first time I held Ava in my arms...

One significant period in my life was the four years I spent studying at Nottingham University. Integral to that period was the Christian Union there. NUCU gave me tools that I will cherish for life... they trained me to lead a Bible study, modelled how to live Christ in the uni environment, set my heart on fire to share the gospel with people around me, gave me the opportunity to meet christians from different backgrounds to myself, opened my eyes up to the needs of sharing the gospel abroad, gave me hours and hours and hours to search the scriptures, gave me friends who encouraged me, rebuked me and loved me... 

University is a precious time in which thousands of young people are asking the very question I asked yesterday; "Who am I?" I could recount story after story after story of people I met at uni asking that very question. Many searched for the answer in relationships, many in having a good time, many in studying hard... did they find the answer?

This week, Nottingham University are holding their yearly mission week, and I'm praying it will be a time where countless numbers of those students will find the answer to that very question as they get to know Jesus Christ.

Will you join me in praying for them?

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  1. Claire - couldn't agree more... our NUCU days were great! John is a CUG this week. Hope you're all well x


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