Monday, 13 February 2012

Resolution 7: A country music proverb

7. Resolved, never to do anything, which I should be afraid to do, if it were the last hour of my life.
19. Resolved, never to do anything which I should be afraid to do, if I expected it would not be above an hour before I should hear the last trump.

My Dad's a big fan of the USA and so we took a lot of family holidays out to the States as I was growing up. One of the things I've picked up from those trips is a love of country music. I love a bit of Tim McGraw, Randy Travis and Rascal Flatts... when I read this resolution, it made me thing of one of those songs that I love... Tim McGraw's "Live like you were dying"...

It's a bit of a morbid thought, to get the chance to live like you were dying, and I would never, never wish that upon anyone. I can't imagine what being in that situation must be like, and I have too many friends who have faced that situation, or are currently facing that situation, to begin to fathom how that must feel. But I guess being in that position perhaps gives you a new perspective on life... and amidst all the pain and heartache, must enable you to cherish the things that really matter, rather than getting caught up in the trappings of life that so often take things out of perspective.

Edwards wanted to live life with that perspective... he wanted to live his life through the filter of "what really matters"


Or is there a bigger meaning to life than even those things?

Edwards believed that only God truly mattered. That God brought meaning to his family, his friendships and his life's work...

and that was the window he wanted to view his last moments through...

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  1. Claire,

    That's a wonderful resolution: to choose to see the things that really matters at the last moments in life. I just wish people would realize that long before they had to leave this world.
    I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I've been thinking about how we live our lives (even as christians) without, somemtimes, even realize that God is in control of it all.
    The main purpose of our life is just to glorify Him and bring as many people as we can to do the same, but, shame on us, most of our time we don't even remember He exists.
    I know that was not exactely the main point of the resolution, but as I was reading it I came to think of the meaning of our whole lives and what we do with it and just wanted to share it.
    Keep your posts coming, I love them! Its such a joyful part of my day to read them! Thanks!


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