Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy days...

At the moment, life is a bit of a whirlwind - with being back at school, end of term dos, visiting German exchange teacher, weddings, small group socials, broken down cars (don't ask!), packing for Norway and prepping the house for visitors while we're away. All that plus the usual general housework, childcare etc on top.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed; probably because my normal "to-do list" planning system has gone to pot, meaning I feel totally out of control. Intend to organise myself again tomorrow...

In the meantime, remembering that God is in control, which I'm very glad about, as at the moment I am feeling very much NOT in control. But he's good and there's no one better I can entrust all the chaos to!

Here's some of what we've been up to!

Practicing walking... serious business... especially when you have your mouth full of food and only one shoe on...

YUMMY food! I LOVE baked camembert - French stick and boiled baby potatoes to dip... delicious!

Trekking through the mud and slime of Bushy Park. We started walking at 2.45pm and I walked through the front door  at 5.30pm SHATTERED. That walk nearly killed me... didn't help that Madam decided she'd had enough of her buggy/pram/play pen after 2 hours (can't blame her) and wanted me to carry her across town to get the bus home. THANK YOU Nicole for carrying her down the long road and across the bridge for me!! :D These two monkeys had fun sharing a ride in Ava's pram though... just look at those cheeky faces!
Anyway... I was back at work today, and in again tomorrow, and then I need to do some SERIOUS packing, sorting, preparing and cleaning on Friday.

Oh help!

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