Friday 9 November 2012

Fasting on Lucozade...

Since midnight last night, I have not been allowed to eat or drink anything. In fact, before 10.30am, the only thing I will be able to consume is one of these...

Yup, that's right. A whole bottle of Lucozade. And I have to down it in the space of ten minutes. Two hours later, I will be sitting in a hospital room giving blood.

This is the test to see whether or not I have Gestational Diabetes. A huge part of me is just praying and hoping I don't - the hassle of moving all my antenatal care to the hospital, the thought of fortnightly meetings with the consultant, the prospect of being induced, potential complications with the baby... all of these things make me shiver at the thought of what the results might be.

But today I have been reminded to be thankful. Thankful that this little one is able to grow within me. Thankful that our health system is on the ball and has picked this up. Thankful for the NHS which offers all this extra care and monitoring for free, and thankful for a God who I can rely on, no matter what.

So whatever the outcome, I will be thankful. Because I have a great God, a great Saviour and a great hope, and no gestational diabetes can take that away from me.


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