Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Baby Update: Scan number 8...

Yesterday we headed back to hospital... we were SO conscious of your prayers. Going in, I felt so at peace and so aware of God's hand over all of this. Thank you. Thank you to each one of you who prayed for us and asked for wisdom, peace and guidance. God is faithful and yesterday is testimony to the fact that he answers prayer.

We were in with the NICEST sonographer. We hadn't had her before, but she was truly brilliant. She showed us everything, explained all that she was doing, and then, rather than sending us out while she "wrote up our notes" (as all the previous sonographers' have done) she asked us to sit with her and went through every measurement with us. She had good news. My fluid levels were almost back down to "normal" (they are fractionally over the 95th centile) which is such a miracle when you consider that just 2 weeks ago, they were so far above the 100th that they were off the chart...

After the sonographer we were in with the Consultant. He has been the best from the word go, and we are so VERY grateful to God for enabling us to have him as our Consultant. I feel TOTALLY safe in his hands, and he was delighted to tell us, he really saw very little need to be concerned anymore... he said if my levels were normal again, then the risk of cord prolapse is drastically decreased, there is no need to admit me early (hallelujah!) and, as baby is head down and seems to be staying there, there is currently no need to induce, plan elective C-section, or any of the other possibilities.

In other words, it looks like I'm back on track for a 'normal' labour...


We seriously couldn't believe it. On Tuesday, my midwife friend checked me out and baby was still turning somersaults. On Wednesday, the midwife said the fluid levels were still giving baby a lot of room to move around. Five days later and this Bubba is head down, fluid levels have decreased, and we're back on target...

God is so very good!

We have been overwhelmed by people's support and encouragement and prayers throughout this pregnancy. We went in at peace with whatever decision the consultant needed to make, and came out rejoicing that it seems we're almost "normal" again!

Thanks to every single one of you, but most of all, thanks to Him who holds all things in His mighty hands.

What a good God!

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  1. So glad for you Claire and Dave! And what a brilliantly clear scan of your little one! God is good all the time...all the time, God is good. xx


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