Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lovely little parcels...

Isn't there something special about post? Sometimes, when I'm in one of those reflective moods, I get a bit sad, thinking about the fact that it is slowly disappearing. These days, post for us is pretty much bills, money-off coupons and junk-mail. Will my girls ever write and receive letters? I have countless letters from my cousins from when we were younger.... We always laugh over them, because they seem to simply be a record of what we ate... But it was lovely. I was always SO excited to get something in the post.

And things haven't changed... With the arrival of a new baby, the post goes through the roof, and Ava has loved opening all of Heidi's 'Geschenke'...

This pressie was from my lovely friend Catrin over at Lovelife! Catrin is very creative, and had made this cute little crochet button and sewn it onto the front of a cute white summer dress. Can't wait to put Heidi in it... you can see Catrin's version of events here...

Then, as if the gorgeous gifts and exciting postal deliveries couldn't get any better, we received this GORGEOUS homemade knitted blanket that my lovely 12-year-old cousin, Beth, knitted for Heidi. She has been working on it for months (we were let privy to its existence in February) and it is so lovely... THANK you Beth. These gifts are so precious and I'm sure Heidi will treasure them forever.

So there you have it... lovely post is keeping me happy. Think I should go write someone a letter while I'm in the mood...!


  1. Das ist schön, dass es dir gefällt...und ich hoffe, dass Ava das Osterhasen Buch auch gefällt!

    LG Catrin

  2. You're right - letter writing is a dying art - I still write a few and it is so special to receive one! x


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