Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Just a couple of pictures to sum up a lovely day yesterday...

I was able to completely switch off from the memories of last year... largely thanks to the distraction of special friends, your prayers, and the grace of God.

These girlies are such a joy and I`m so grateful to God for the precious gift they are.

I´m grateful for dear friends who I am loving spending time with this week.

I´m grateful for this beautiful country that God has created... it literally takes my breath away.

And I´m grateful too for all I have back at home. And a certain someone these three ladies are missing in particular (you know who you are ;-p)

With lots of love from the mountains of Austria!

Just love that crazy girl in the background. We watched some home videos of me with her 9 years ago. She was the cutest toddler and I learnt so much about how to be a mother from looking after that now-no-longer little lady... precious memories!

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