Wednesday 9 July 2014

Picnics, Peter Rabbit and Pond discoveries...

Just over a month ago, after some persuasion from friends of ours, we finally decided to join the National Trust. I can honestly say we haven't looked back... a whole new world of beautiful places has opened up to us, and we are loving discovering our own county, and those bordering us. The National Trust always provide stunning landscapes, kid-friendly activities and always, always a good coffee shop...

What more can a girl want?

So on Monday this week, we headed to beautiful Chartwell, the previous home of Winston Churchill, and met up with some of my housemates from uni and the kiddos for a fantastic day of Picnics, Peter Rabbit and Pond discoveries...

We had a whale of a time!

Swinging in the great outdoors...

Climbing all over Mama...

Discovering the tiniest frogs you've ever seen...

And just generally having a great time exploring!

One of the particular highlights of Chartwell was the "Beatrix Potter Family Adventure" which took us on a lovely walk of the gardens on the trail of Beatrix Potter's famous little friends... at each "stop" the children were given a little activity to do and asked a question... they loved spotting the animals and had great fun colouring and reading in the Storytellers corner...

We had a wonderful day... a day of exploring, and learning, and just enjoying being together. And at the end of it all, we took home four tired but happy little ones!


  1. So you finally joined... You where thinking about it already last time I was over!
    Sounds like a lovely trip - and a nice day with your friends!

    Xxx Catrin

  2. Yay for the National Trust - we've been members for a few year and I love having somewhere beautiful to take the girls to run around (and they do great ice cream!)

  3. We have been meaning to join the National Trust for absolutely ages, we really want to do it. It looks like a lovely trip out- love the photos. x

  4. What a wonderful trip. Lovely photos. I love the one of them running, really captures the moment :)

  5. We found hundreds of those little frogs a couple of years ago at a nearby park. The children were absolutely enthralled - mind you, so was I - thy really are cute - as are the little ones there sitting drawing :)

  6. Your membership is just in time for summer and I'm sure there will be no end of wonderful places to explore. The NT is so good at catering for families and putting on events to keep the little ones engaged and having fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  7. It our dream to get that membership as well but we are still saving for it. Every NT site is really worth every penny you spent on the membership me thinks as well =) #countrykids


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