Thursday 23 October 2014

Wet and Windy Day Activities: Savouring the Season

Wet and windy weeks are part and parcel of autumn, and so, I suppose, in many ways, this week's been no surprise!

Here's some of the things we like to get up to when the weather's a little... well... under the weather?! All of these have been done in our home in these last ten days Why not give them a go, if you feel like the little ones are crawling the walls?!

* Welly Walks (complete with umbrellas of course!)
* Windy park visits
* Playdough - cutters, plastic knives and mini rolling pins = hours of fun!
* Painting - nothing fancy!
* Reading
* Learning Fun Books - Ava is loving letter and number activity books at the mo
* Illuminous baths - illuminous glow sticks in the bath with lights out = ecstatic children!
* Hot Chocolate
* Movie afternoons - with homemade popcorn of course!
* Blanket tents
* Puzzles Galore
* Board games - and Snap! (The current fave!)
* Apple Printing
* Leaf collages
* Nature walks
* Surprise Trips out (more on this tomorrow!)
* Movie-making (always hilarious!)
* Dressing up (On Tuesday, I had Snow White, Tinkerbell, Ariel and Pocahontas all at once!)
* Baking
* Cleaning (with their own cloths and dusters)
* Sing- song time!

I thought I'd include a little video for your enjoyment of that last one!

Sometimes I despair in this wet and windy weather and wonder how I'm going to keep the children amused when we're housebound...

...and then I have a week like this and realise you can actually have a lot of fun when its tipping outside. We've had a whale of a week anyway! What do you do on wet and windy days?!


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  1. I think we cook, or go to the library - those seem to be my fall backs for really wet days, especially the library because there's so much more space to run around!

  2. It can get difficult with lots of wet and windy days together. I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it brightens up a little. :)

  3. love the glow stick bath idea! M likes making blanket tents too :)


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