Tuesday 6 October 2015

Left Behind...

There's one little man round these parts who gets an awful lot of loving.... and ever since biggest sister has gone off to school, the attention really has become focussed on him...

Heidi has not found the transition the easiest. While Ava has skipped happily into school every morning, Heidi has been sad, clingy, and just down in the dumps. She's missing her best buddy like crazy, and I'm getting the same questions repeated every day...

"When is Ava coming home?"

"Why can't we go and get Ava now?"

"When can I go to School with Ava?"

And when I can't answer the questions in the way she wants me to, the tantrums start...

I feel so sad for my usually chirpy, fun-filled littlest lady

But yesterday I noticed a switch in our Heidi... she seemed more settled, eager to play with Jonas, smiley and chirpy. I notice with all of the children that when their behaviour's a little off the wall, they usually just need some down days. Days at home where it's easier to follow through on discipline and be consistent... Days where we potter and play and just be. And somehow, those days seem to do a little heart mending.

I still had the string of questions, but yesterday was the first day in a while that we had no tantrums.

I suppose I worked quite hard to prepare Ava for the transition to "big school". I was so concerned and worried about how she would settle in, that I didn't really consider the impact on the younger ones... and now I'm seeing that actually its almost harder for those left behind. Ava gets all the excitement and adventure of school, while Heidi gets the same old routine, just without her big sister around.

So it warmed my heart, and made me feel especially thankful to see her being so sweet with her baby brother yesterday... she's got a new play buddy who is getting more interactive every day.

Even if he does look a little glum in this picture... perhaps he's missing his biggest sister too!


  1. I just love this Claire, so beautifully written and an honest account of the realities of life with little ones. In all walks of life, I think it's the ones left behind that suffer the greatest. Bless little Heidi. X

  2. Pris Herren at det går framover, rette vegen for Heidi!😀

  3. Oh my goodness, what a difficult situation but I have hope that your precious Heidi will soon be back to her smiley and chirpy self. x

  4. So interesting to see it from her point of view, it must be hard, but hopefully she'll be able to build up a lovely bond with her brother while Ava's at school. A precious bonus of being the middle one is that you're close in age both to the youngest and eldest! xx

  5. Aw what a lovely post Claire, it is sad for the ones left behind and it does sound like Heidi is struggling a little. LL was a mess for a while but she has got used to it now and we both actually really enjoy our time together, even though we miss Mads as well. It will be nice to watch her and Jonas' bond develop as he starts to get more interactive. x

  6. Aww poor Heidi, it is tough being the one left behind but it also gives her the time to be the big sister and to build an awesome bond with Jonas and then just wait till he gets moving!!

  7. Oh bless - it is so hard. Me and Harri miss Meme so much now she has started school. Heidi and Harri have had their sisters with them since the day they were born and now they have gone for most of the day! Such a confusing time for them. It will be nice to watch Heidi and Jonas build a close relationship. xx

  8. Oh I know the feeling so much I have it with MM and B being at school. It's more attention on them but sometimes I feel like they are longing for their sibling and look lonely too. Mommy is only so much fun. lol Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. Why not invite your friends to come share too? I would love to get to know more bloggers and widen my blogger share with me circle. All posts, old and new are welcome. #sharewithme

  9. Aww, I'm sorry your little girl is feeling left behind now that her big sister is in school. That's a hard transition, but it will give her special bonding time with her baby brother. Glad some down days helped—I find that to be true about down days too. With all of the running around and scheduled activities, I've learned it's important to have recovery time at home too. #sharewithme


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