Sunday 31 January 2016

Me and Mine {January 2016}

And just like that, January is over. Our month of quiet after a busy Christmas period, and yet somehow it has still felt so very busy. I think I'm realising that with the onset of school, those long, drawn out winter days are gone forever... There is always somewhere to be, something to do, and even though these last couple of weeks we have done little more than our weekly routine, somehow that has felt quite enough.

But with milder weather and days starting to lengthen a little, comes a new lease of life.

We are ready for February... Ready for lighter days, and milder temperatures... And little tiny hints of Spring...

And half term of course! 

January has been a milestone month in our little people's lives... Jonas is now well and truly on solids, and sitting, and suddenly seems less of a baby, and more of a little play buddy to his sisters. It's amazing how that simple milestone has seemed to change the dynamic, particularly between our youngest two. Suddenly Jonas seems more of a friend to play with, rather than a baby brother to sit on/hug too hard/tickle like there's no tomorrow. It is so nice to see them interacting and enjoying each other's company... And he has now learnt the art of hair pulling if either of his sisters get too in his face! He still has no teeth, nor any sign of any, but is perfectly happy gumming over whatever dinner presents itself on the table that night, and seems to have a remarkable ability to chew anything down to a swallowable size despite his lack of teeth!

The girls have started swimming lessons and are both loving it. Heidi has taken to it like a fish to water and is utterly fearless. She has always been a bit of a water baby, and has totally come into her own since starting lessons. She sticks her face in the water, jumps in and swims with only a couple of floats around her waist already. I do not think it will be long. She is terrified on snow and skis, but put her in the water, and she seems to feel right at home. She is thriving in that swimming pool, and it's a joy to watch her excitement and delight as she heads for the pool every week.

Ava is now reading. Properly reading. And it is thrilling to sit beside my little girl and watch her able to read books that she loves to me. She is still heavily reliant on phonics, but I have been astounded by her ability to read non phonetic words to me too... The whole process has been utterly eye-opening and incredible to watch! She is such an eager little writer too, and the other day, showed me a little book that she'd made herself, with the most lovely little story in it...

"Wunz a pon a tiym there was a litow gel
She had a neklus
And the at neklus cud shan"
(Once upon a time there was a little girl
She had a necklace
And that necklace could shine!)

I think I will keep it forever!

Dave and I have had a good month; we have been busy with all sorts of things, but it's felt like a lot of what we've been working on has been together, which makes such a difference, don't you think? I am grateful for a guy who prioritises his faith and our family... 

Me and mine in January...  

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  1. I love your monthly round ups Claire. Such a lucky little reminder for you all of special times. A lovely photograph too. Look at your little man all grown up! X

  2. That little story is the most adorable thing ever, and of course you must keep it forever! Lovely photo of you all xx

  3. I can't believe how big Jonas is now - gosh they grow up quickly! I am looking forward to half term too - not that we have much planned but the slower pace is nice x

  4. What a lovely look back at your month. That story is wonderful, definitely one to keep x

  5. Such a lovely story. And isn't Jonas getting big? I love looking at your photos and seeing glimpses of what life will be like for us in a few months. x

  6. Such gorgeous photos Claire and I love seeing your little family grow as I get glimpses into what mine will be like in a few months. Jonas is getting so big! x

  7. That is such a lovely little story and great to hear she is reading too. It sounds like Heidi is doing brilliantly with her swimming, no wonder you're proud!


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