Monday 1 February 2016

The Things They Say...

I was sorting through some paperwork last week when I stumbled upon a couple of post-it notes scribbled down over the past year. I have always tried to record the funny things the children say, and I've enjoyed posting them in the past, but with Jonas' arrival, I just hadn't collated them all together.

Until today.

So here you are, a little selection of the funny things the children have said this past year. Some of them were said in English to grandparents etc and are recorded exactly as spoken, others were said in German and I have sought to find as direct a translation as possible...


" Sometimes, when I go to sleep, I close my eyes and there's a film that I watch in my eyes. And then I fall asleep. And then I dream.
Last night I watched Princess Jasmine..." Age 3. June 2015

"What do you want for breakfast Ava? Cereal or toast?"
"Ummmm.... I think I'll take some wine..."
Age 3.

"Mama... it would be cool if your tummy had a window in it, then we could see if the baby is a boy or a girl!"
Age 3. May 2015

Ava, holding up her cup...
"I fear I need a little more juice, Mama"
Age 3.

"Oh look! It's a lion dandy!"
Ava. Age 4. October 2015

"I want to stay for ever and eternity in healthiness" Ava. November 2015
Ava. Age 4.

"Sometimes at School we have a muffin day, and then we can wear what we want"
Ava. Age 4.


Heidi: I want pink hair!
Mama: Pink hair? That would look a bit funny, wouldn't it!
Heidi: But I want to look funny, Mama... because I am funny!
Heidi: Age 2.

Ava and Mama: "What's the time Mr Wolf?"
Heidi: "CLOCK TIME!!!!"
Heidi. Age 2.

Heidi: "Was du weisst, Mama?" (For you German speakers! Instead of "Weisst du was?")
Heidi. Age 2

And one that still makes me laugh...

Ava, with a serious little face. Hands folded, eyes closed: "Dear God, thank you that Jonas laughs when I wobble my head like this (cue rapid head wobbling). Amen"
Ava. Age 4.

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