Thursday 16 June 2016

Dear Jonas... You're One! // Letters to my Littles

Oh my Jo-Jo...

How are we here already? One year down the line?! That little chubby bundle of joy that burst into our lives this time last year... That shock of blue after a world of pink is now so much part of us, of who we are as a family, that we really can't remember or comprehend life without you.

You are so very adored by all of us!

Our little explorer... Ever investigating, ever peering and searching and chewing on anything you can get your hands on. You will always beeline for the one thing I really don't want you to go for, and this week alone, I've had to clear tissues, soil and a plastic chocolate wrapper from your mouth. Everything is there to be explored, and I love watching you investigating... Scrunching your little nose up in the way that only you do. So full of expression. Our little bundle of joy.

That little white blond head stands in contrast to the golden locks of your sisters. and I often see it dart past me as you speed around the room on your knees. You are so fast at crawling now, and this week pulled yourself to standing for the first time. You are SO laid back, and are in no rush to speed through the milestones, and neither of us are in any rush to push you forwards... You are a third child after all, and we're both happy to keep you in the baby zone as long as possible!

You are truly a delight to be Mama to. Happy and chirpy and chatty and just so chilled out. This past week, you have become a bit more of a Mama's boy, and that clinginess is definitely hitting. But after two children have gone before, I know it's a passing phase, and perfectly typical for a one year old, and really, all I need to do is savour all the extra cuddles and enjoy the fact that you'd just love to be permanently attached to my hip at the moment!

It's hard to believe that when I write this letter next year, you'll most probably be walking and talking and showing signs of mischief and naughtiness. For now, you still feel very much like our baby, with your cute little teeth and your four words (Mama, Papa, Ba (ball) and A-ya (Ava)... We are going to soak up all these little moments

Honestly, Jonas? I felt a little bit daunted by the prospect of a son... After three years of girliness, suddenly having a boy to look after felt like a new challenge, one that I had no idea about! But you have made mothering a boy so easy, and truly are such a delight to each of us that I am loving being Mama every bit as much and feel so thankful to God for the honour of raising this little sunny personality!

My prayer for you, my darling boy, is that you will grow up to be a strong man of God, with firm convictions and true compassion for others. You are growing up in a broken world, a world that needs the goodness of the gospel, and I'm praying that you will have the courage and strength to share Jesus with others with gentleness and respect.

You are a gentle soul... A gentle soul that we love so very,  very much!

Happy first birthday our Jonas boy... We love you!

Mama and Papa xx

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