Friday 4 March 2022

Happy 9th birthday our Heidi!

Dear Heidi,

Nine years old... our baby girl is definitely out of the little years now! It seems like a lifetime ago that they lifted you out, showed me your fuzzy dark head and shouted "It's a girl!"... the early days of your life were blissful. The newborn phase has always been super intense and emotional and hard... and yet somehow with you it felt easy. Perhaps the Lord allowed us that season of grace before the hard months that followed when you fell ill, but those first nine weeks were carefree and wonderful in every way.

At nine weeks things took a turn, we don't need that story now, but what we have seen in the nine years that have followed is how faithful and good God has been to us... and how that storyline has weaved itself into your own understanding of the world too. How the circumstances and trials that shaped your early years have given you a resilience and assurance that shape much of how you think and feel as an older child. It is wonderful to see how God uses the hard things to shape and transform and make beautiful... and we love seeing him working in you Heidi.

You have always been a performer... even in your toddler years you stole the show. You can belt out a tune, and have that charisma about you that just captures your audience. And you love it. When you step onto a stage your cautious nature around strangers and shy tendencies just fall away and you literally become the person you're playing. It's been thrilling to see the joy with which you head off to theatre academy every week and to find something that you are truly passionate about!

You continue to be a devoted friend to your big sister... the two of you as thick as thieves. You know, of course, how to push each others buttons and at times you need your space, but you still disappear into your own world daily and share everything with each other. I really hope it always stays that way. You are also the favourite playmate of your little brothers... no one else takes them into such crazy imaginative worlds. They can wind you up at times, but they also think you're utterly awesome!

Tonight we celebrated your birthday with a "Musical Theatre Party"... your little friends trooped home with us after school for a theatre quiz, pizza making and movie night (Sing 2!) You have such a lovely group of friends, and I love watching you interacting and just having a blast with your little crew!

And so now you're nine... the last year of single digits, and to me it feels like the last year of being truly a child as we hurtle towards the tween and teen years. I am savouring every moment... truly. I love your effervescent nature, your passion for everything that captures your imagination, your loyalty to your friends and family and even you're being "dramatisch" (as you like to say!) Somehow it feels like you're really growing up now, learning who you are and its a joy to find you daily pouring over your Bible in the morning. You challenge me with your consistency and commitment to getting in the Word, and my prayer for you is that as you enter this next phase, you will find your hope, roots and identity firmly placed in the Lord Jesus. There is no surer or more steadfast place to me.

Happy birthday our Heidi! We love you so very, very much!

Mama and Papa xx

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