Saturday 16 April 2022

Happy 5th Birthday Elias!


Our Elias - 5 years old!

Our space-mad, Lego-loving, mini theologian, arms-and-legs everywhere enthusiast turned 5. It now feels official that we are out of the baby zone and into the realm of full blown kids. 

Poor Elias actually spent his birthday recovering from a bug the boys had as we travelled back from Wales on Thursday, so it turned out to be a low-key day with the family. Presents, birthday breakfast, the sharing of "what we love about Elias" around the table and a visit from the grandparents.

Then today we had his party... a little spaceman dream! Ever since we studied space in Lockdown 2, Elias has been fascinated by all things outer space - from his favourite planet "Mercury",  to his favourite spacemen Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong! He was very clear what he wanted and I was given clear and firm instructions that a "Space Party" was to be the celebration plan.

As the youngest of four, you've had to keep up with your bigger siblings. Homeschooling through two lockdowns meant you just took part in school with the others through your preschool years, and you've learnt to read insanely quickly (when I think of the sometimes painful hours I spent with the others!!) - sometimes I think I'm prone to forget how little you are, and perhaps expect more of you than I should. But when I see you tearing round the room as a spacerocket, or some other imaginary character, I realise you are still so little inside. I'm holding on to that a little bit longer. You're our last baby after all!

One of my favourite things about you is how fun you are. You are our little joker and always bring a smile to our faces. You are a good little play buddy to all your siblings. You'll throw yourself into any game with full enthusiasm, and I'll often find you in some crazy costume or other! I love seeing the different dynamics between you and each of your siblings. The way you look up to Ava (you actually told me the other day you didn't think Ava ever did anything wrong. She quickly corrected you, but it was telling of the way you admire your biggest sister!), I love the amazing creativity that explodes when you and Heidi get your heads together, and just the deep and fascinating bond between you and your brother - in many ways it strikes me as twinlike (though there are 21 months between you) - you can just read each other, and are super affectionate with each other, and fiercely protective!

And then there are your friends! What was so evident at the party was what a little social butterfly you are! You have lovely little friends, and you really enjoy being with them. They're a lovely bunch and its so sweet to see your little friendships developing so young. This little crew are wacky and fun and full of beans - just like you are!

We love you Elias... we love your light-hearted nature, but we also love your quite astounding ability to go deep for someone so young. Sometimes Papa and I catch each other's eye when you pray... it's incredible to me that one so little can understand so much truth with so much depth. Our prayer for you is that all that you store in that little head of yours will flow down to your heart... that you will be someone transformed by the Saviour to live with integrity and joy and an overflowing love and compassion for others. Our prayer is that the Lord will use all the gifts he's given you for His glory, your good, and the good of all of those who get to meet you.

We love you little Elias - and I'm sorry I forgot the candles... but I'm grateful that you forgive me nonetheless and were happy with our birthday wave!!

God bless you son,

Mama and Papa x

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