Tuesday 12 June 2012


Today I am having a thankful day.

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful.
This past week, I have been reading the biography of Stephanie Nielson, a 30-year-old, mother of 5 who, in 2008, was involved in a horrific plane crash, leaving her with 80% burns. I am thankful to God for her because he has used her, this past week, to remind me to appreciate the little things.

I am thankful today that I was able to get out of bed and have a shower independently.
I am thankful that I was woken by a smiley little girl
I am thankful for my husband who displays his love for me in big and so many small ways
I am thankful for a husband who goes out to work day-in day-out to make it possible for me to stay at home and look after our little girl
I am thankful for a family who love, support and encourage us with their time, energy and money
I am thankful for a church where we are loved, cared for and where Christ is preached and modelled to us every week, and every day of every year.
I am thankful for good friends and fun times.
I am thankful for a body which is healthy and does what I want it to
I am thankful for a home where I can put my stamp, be creative and enjoy making a haven for my family.
I am thankful for the joy of teaching, of moulding little minds
I am thankful for paint, and wood, and material and thread and the beauty of creativity
I am thankful for music, for being able to sing, and to write lyrics that point to Christ
I am thankful for the sunshine, for being able to bask in its rays
I am thankful for the rain which waters my garden
I am thankful for nature - for mountain grandeur, for trickling streams, for wildflowers and wildlife
I am thankful, because I know that one day, any one of these things, or all of them, could be taken away... and then I will wish I had been thankful while they were mine to enjoy.

But above all, I am thankful for the Lord Jesus, who loved me, died for me and is preparing a place for me with him in heaven.

That can never be taken away from me.

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