Monday, 4 February 2013

Getting ready to be a big sister!

We're into the final month now, and boy am I ready for this baby to come... bag is packed, room is ready, and a little someone else came up to my tummy the other day and demanded: "raus!" ("out!")

In the past few weeks, some of our friends at church have had their babies. These are friends who Ava knows - she has watched their tummies grow and pointed at them and said "baby" just as she does with me... and now she's clearly getting frustrated that all these friends have got their babies out, while her's is still tucked away and showing no sign of coming any time soon!

In the meantime, the little lady is taking very good care of her "babies". Yes, they get told off fairly regularly for misbehaving... this week she has been teaching them to say "please" and "thank you" and has been making sure that nappies are changed, naps are had and one in particular has been having walking lessons.

These babies will just have to keep her occupied until the real one arrives!!!

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