Friday 14 March 2014

Ordinary Days...

We've been enjoying ordinary days around here... after a few weeks of chest infections, ear infections and birthdays, its nice to have a bit of ordinary... we had a lovely trip to Brighton on Monday to visit my lovely friend Sarah and the gorgeous Baby M, but other than that, this weeks been pretty homebound. We've had our fair share of visitors too (from Norway, Brazil - catching up with the lovely Evy who I hadn't seen in 9 years - and friends from just around the corner) but all in all, its been lovely just to be at home and enjoy our little corner of planet earth.

Here's some of the ordinary moments I've been appreciating this week...

This is my favourite breakfast face. This girl just LOVES her food. Its a little on the ridiculous side. She would eat and eat and eat if I let her. She yells "Ahhhh-men" (which for her means its time for food) repeatedly until something gets placed into her chubby hand. We had her 9-12 month check this week - 91st centile for weight, 25th for height... just gotta love that kind of maths!

When Heidi hits the sack for her morning nap, I head downstairs for my "Quiet time", time to sit and read the Bible and pray. Sometimes Ava plays around me; a puzzle, a couple of books, looking after her dollies... but other times she joins me at the dining table with her own Bible, a scrap of paper to write on and asks for her own "cup of tea" She's my little mimic, but I love that she's getting into a habit of wanting to read the Bible every day, even if its only looking at the pictures at the moment!

This face is following me around a lot at the moment. She is going through a REAL Mama's phase... she's fine all day, but from 4pm onwards all she wants is me. And she wants me to carry her from 4 right up til bedtime. It's lovely, but its not practical, and this little lady is sometimes having to learn the hard way that she needs to be OK with playing on her own. When I'm getting frustrated, I just pause for a second and remember how grateful I am to have this little bundle of gorgeousness trailing me the whole time. And sometimes, then, I just have to lean down and scoop her right up...

I have lost my big girl to the garden every morning this week. She pulls on her wellies and her fleece and plods down to her Huette with Babydoll in hand... she walks up and down the garden bringing me cups of tea and "dinner" (which usually consists of a meal of salami, sausages, ham and carrots - yum?) and keeps me posted on what Baby's up to. Heidi watches from the patio doors. Pointing and babbling and wanting so much to trail her big sister... soon, I hope.

Tonight Dave and I head away overnight... we are leading worship at a conference tomorrow, and leaving our girlies overnight for the first time. They will have a wonderful time with Nanny and Grandpa, but it does feel quite strange going away. Amazing how much these little people become so much part of you!

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  1. Lovely post, bless Heidi, I *sometimes* wish mine were small enough to be clingy. Now I just get told to 'geroff' when I try to go in for an extra squeezy cuddle!

  2. I do love the playhouse, I wish I could play there all day. It looks a lot easier to keep clean than my own house... Lovely ordinary moments, and my Girl can relate to the clingy phase. She has canines coming through and apparently I am the solution to all her problems.

  3. The breakfast photo of Heidi...she is the spitting image of Dave! they get older Claire, they don't want to climb on your lap! Enjoy every minute. x

  4. Love the sad face, it's mean but kind of funny isn't it? We are going through a real following me around stage here as well! Also have a little person who would eat and eat if she could! Gorgeous photos as always. x

  5. I love that Heidi calls out Amen when she wants food! That's so wonderful! And I totally get that wish to be outside all day every day- we have that here too. As soon as we get back from the school run, my little one wants out in the garden. I love it too. I join him as soon as I can- I sit out there, cup of tea, reading my book or Bible and enjoy it as much as he does. That play house looks fantastic!

  6. Oh those are gorgeous pictures and I Love the playhouse - what a lucky girl to have such a gorgeous place to make pretend!

  7. Oh what a lovely playhouse! That's a lovely space to play I. :) xx


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