Saturday 4 March 2017

Dear Heidi... You're four!

For our gorgeous Heidi girl...

You are four! And with that right of passage, you make the transition from toddler to little girl... though in reality it feels like you did that a long time ago. You are our fun-loving, high-energy, life-and-soul-of-the-party girly girl and we all love you to bits. No-one has the power to make us laugh in the way you do... your hilarious comments, comedy expressions and cheeky wit cheer us all.

Of course, this year has not been the easiest... the "threes" never are! You have been figuring out boundaries and your place in this little family of ours, but over these past three months, you seem to have suddenly grown up... you are more accepting of boundaries, better at sharing and are more comfortable in your own shoes... heading towards four has been good for you.

You are still your sister's first call best friend and play buddy... the two of you spend hours in your imaginative worlds, and the rest of your hours bent over your favourite colouring books. You are quite the little artist, and will spend literally hours perfecting a colouring picture... so much so, that your big sister bases her own art work on yours!! You are showing quite the creative flair, and you love it as well... yesterday afternoon you spent about 2 hours colouring at Nanny's house - and all done so beautifully! I am proud of that creative little spark you have!

Your relationship with Jonas has also changed this month... he's gone from being the little brother who didn't really every want to play with you, to wanting to be involved in every single one of your games. The two of you have had so much fun recently while Ava's at school. It warms my heart!

You are so excited about your new baby brother or sister. You often say "When the baby comes, Ava can look after Jonas, and I can look after the new baby!" You have your heart set on mothering this little one!

Heidi, I thank God for your creativity, your humour, your strength of character (most of the time!) and your young little faith in the Lord. Your prayers are so heartfelt and genuine, and often Papa and I have to bite back the smiles as you pray for some truly random things!

Our prayer for you, as you grow, is that you would come to know and love the Saviour you speak of so openly now. That you would have courage to share the good news of Jesus, and boldness to stand firm in Christ when modern society would pull you away; would tell you that there's no such thing as truth, that hope is futile and circumstances are luck. I'm praying that your strength of character will be one of your strongest assets and that you will know "how high and wide and long and deep is the love of Christ"

We wish you a very. very happy fourth birthday, Heidi-girl. Each year as this milestone comes around, I'm reminded to be thankful that you are here with us, and thriving - strong and healthy and well... those things are such a gift, and for so long those hopes seemed futile. God has kept you safe and well... of course, the journey of your heart is not yet over... but our prayer is that your spiritual heart will be transformed by the truth of the gospel too.

We love you Heidi!!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Mama and Papa xx


  1. Happy birthday Heidi

  2. Happy birthday to Heidi!
    I committed to praying for her every day almost 4 years ago. Still continuing to and because I pray for Heidi I pray for you all. May they all come to know the Lord as their Savior and you, as parents, be blessed with the wisdom to guide them. xXx

  3. Gratulerer, gratulerer med 4årsdagen kjære gode Heidi! Du gjev oss så mykje glede og du er ei morosam jente som får oss til å smile og le. Gud velsigne ditt nye fødselsår! x x x


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