Wednesday 8 May 2019

A Trip To the Chocolate Factory // Heidi's 6th Willy Wonka Party

I am SO late getting this post out, its embarrasing! It's over two months since Heidi turned six... but given that I've never failed yet to record a birthday party on this little space, I didn't want to start now!

This was SUCH a fun one, and I might have done a little giggle of delight when Heidi announced she wanted a "Willy Wonka" party!

Sooooooooooooooo much creative license!

The Waiting Room...
When the children arrived, we headed into a little side room which we called "the Waiting Room"... here the children could amble in and decorate cookies or colour in the wrapper of their very own real Wonka Bar. It worked well to have a couple of activities on the go so that by the time we were ready to go through to the main factory, all the children had arrived.

The finished cookies and Wonka bars were then dropped straight into their party bags for later!

Even the youngest guests got involved!

Around the walls of the "Waiting Room", we had put up posters of chocolate factory adverts, pictures of Oompa Loompas and then, at the front, the Contract.

If you are unfamiliar with Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", the contract is something the children have to sign before they enter the factory - signing away all their rights to "sue" Willy Wonka should any damage happen to anyone on the way round. The kids loved doing this, watching them all sign their names very seriously was very cute - and they all made the mistake of not reading the smallprint!!

Once everyone was ready, we lined up at the door, and headed into...

The Chocolate Room...

One of the best things about opening the door into that room was the smell as you walked in. We had set up a chocolate fountain just before the party had started, ready for the food time later, and I totally hadn't reckoned with how strong the smell of chocolate would be as we walked in! It was totally unintentional, but completely added to the magic of the moment! First of all, the children needed to complete the obstacle course (swim through the chocolate river, jump across the chocolate drops, go through the blueberry tunnel, ride on the Wonka-mobile, climb over the chocolate mountains and collect confectionary on route!)

The kids absolutely loved it!

Once the children had gathered enough sweets to last them a life time (and our chocolate river operators arms were aching!), they too were added to the party bags and the children gathered to head to the next "room"...

The Inventing Room...

Each of the children received a little empty box which they needed to decorate and prepare for a chocolate box. There were sharpies and gemstones and stickers, and a lot of "inventing" proceeded!

Then they filled their boxes with shredded paper, ready to get some golden chocolate eggs to fill them, when we made the awful discovery that the golden geese had been laying their chocolate eggs all over the factory... so off the children went to find them!

And a great golden egg hunt began! All the kids were instructed to find three and put them in their box, and then help other children to find for there boxes too, so there was plenty to do until the last egg was found!

The filled and decorated chocolate boxes were then added to the party bags too!

And of course no chocolate party would be complete without the world-famous chocolate game! (No fear, we switched the fork every time there was a new child!!) This was a classic when I was young, but I don't think any of them had played it before - they loved it!

There was always a lot of suspense as to whether a six would be rolled before the child got their mouthful of chocolate!

And then we headed through to Willy Wonka's Banquet hall for some tea...
- Wonka Sandwiches
- Augustus Gloop Sausage Rolls
- Wonka Twizzle Crisps
- Snozcumbers and dip
- Oompa Loompa Snacks (whose orange coloured bacon crisps)
- Golden Chocolate eggs
- Violet Beauregarde blueberries
- A chocolate fountain with marshmallows and banana

And then everyone sat down and enjoyed a well-earned feast!

The chocolate fountain was, as you can imagine, the biggest hit of all!

And then it was time to sing happy birthday to a very special little lady...

Complete with Chocolate River Cake!

One happy six year old!

And a cake that lasted all of ten minutes!!

And then a rabble of happy children returned to the obstacle course for a last play, complete with Violet Beuregarde blueberry balloons, as the adults arrived to take their little chocolate adventurers home!

And our exhausted little lady headed home tired, but very happy with her Willy Wonka Party... phew!


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  1. wow that is just amazing and wonderful so very inspirational think you should go into party entertainment

  2. What an amazing party! I see tge combination of you and Dave being Teachers and years of experience in Church children's clubs coning together here lol. I am sure Heidi and her friends loved it x


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